Sunday, October 12, 2014

From Pain to Praise

Yesterday was fun! After returning to Borja we began to get visitors. Local friends came to see how Dan was recovering. To our surprise two members of the Mina family came to visit. If you recall we have asked for prayer for the family in the past. During their visit Fidel, a solid believer, also came. At the time of his arrival we were checking Elizabeth's reading vision using the Bible. In a short time Fidel asked about her beliefs and began to share his testimony. He could give a good perspective because he grew up in Borja with all its traditions. The Gospel was presented very clearly and the passage in John 3 was used to refer to being born again.We are now praying this will have an impact on Elizabeth and her mother. What a blessing to see how Dan's surgery provided this opportunity for the Gospel to be given.

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