Friday, October 31, 2014

Time for Testimony

Hearing of God's faithfulness in a life brings such joy and that was the case last Wednesday evening at the weekly Bible study here on site in Borja. We first met Monica* when her mother fainted at Bible study. After transporting the mother to the local hospital, soon Monica and the rest of the family arrived. They expressed discontent that the mother had attend the study in the first place. A brother suggested that the mother had become emotional at our insisting she attend. The reality was the woman forgot to take her medication for hypertension that day. We heard from a a changed Monica last Weds. More than a year ago she was diagnosed with stage 3-4 breast cancer. At that time we were concerned about her spiritual well-being and offered to pray with her and her husband. They received our prayers and encouragement to allow God to work through the difficulty they were facing. At a later time our landlady invited Monica to attend the weekly study here at our home in Borja and she came! She has been attending faithfully and asking great questions.
Last week she gave testimony of God's faithfulness in her life physically, spiritually and emotionally. She recounted how she has come to know the Lord personally, has learning to pray and is praising God because at this time she has been declared, "cancer free". Dear friends you are continuing to see fruit in your ministry here in Ecuador. May God be praised. 

Praise for:

1. Relatively quick recoveries from recent surgeries.
2. Help with music in Borja the last few weeks.
3. Fri. Bible study in Baeza has been well attended.
4. Our belongings have sold quickly.

Prayer for:

1. Transitions, goodbyes and trusting God.
2. The opportunity in Maine did not workout for us.
3. People to grow to fully depend on the Lord.
4. Details of leaving and for God's provision. 
5. The town of Borja is planning a farewell party and we'll have opportunity to share.