Saturday, October 11, 2014

Winds of Change

We have been praying in recent years for the Lord's direction for a ministry opportunity closer to home. Diana and I have wondered for some time if our time in Ecuador was coming to a close but felt if that was true then God would open another opportunity in Maine. A church in Maine contacted us recently and we pursued the opportunity praying for God's direction. Apparently it is not what God has for us, but at the same time we realized a great desire within us to return. Beginning in January 2015 we will begin a 3 month period of visiting supporting churches and relocating to Maine. At the end of that time we will be changing our status with Crossword to associate members. For those who have been financially supporting us an official letter will be coming out from Crossworld in the near future concerning our change in direction and regarding support.

You have been witnesses and active participants in your ministry here in Ecuador and we are grateful. Many of you came here and together we have seen great blessings. We love the people and have seen God's faithfulness in bringing the lost to salvation and raising up godly men and women to do service to the Lord. We believe God will use the Ecuadorian church to continue the work of the ministry without fail.

A transition back to the USA requires the same amount of faith, if not more, as the initial steps of leaving the USA to go to Ecuador. Many unanswered questions are before us and we will need to see God's great hand of provision and His clear direction in what is next for us.

Please pray for us to be all we can be in Christ during the next few months. Our desire is to be faithful witnesses to the many people around us here in Borja and Baeza. Just yesterday a woman stated, "You can never leave here." Please pray our Ecuadorian friends will learn to depend on the Lord and know the reality of His presence and provision.


1. Two godly men have offered assistance in the Borja ministry.

2. A wonderful time of fellowship with CW missionaries in the DR.

3. Dan is recovering well from gallbladder surgery Oct. 8.

4. Diana's test results showed any abnormalities were benign.

Prayer for:

1. Our co-laborer, Sally, diagnosed with breast cancer this week. 

2. Dan continues teaching Wednesdays in Borja and Baeza on Sundays.

3. Diana had a good witnessing opportunity. Pray for Rodrigo as he reads the Bible looking   for truth.

4. Diana is making 12 puppets for a high school in El Chaco. The principal, a believer, is organizing teams of youth using our materials for teaching children. 


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  2. Praying for you as you prepare for the immediate days ahead and for future steps.

  3. We're praying for you folks all the way up here in East Hodgdon, Maine. Let us know how we can help with your transition back to Maine. We love you guys!

    -Sean and East Hodgdon Bible Church