Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Cuban Connection

Doctor John arrived from Cuba about 3 months ago and began attending the Baeza church. It is obvious he has a good biblical foundation and is a growing believer. One could not help but wonder how come he left family in Cuba to work in Baeza. He signed a two year contract with the local hospital.

In time it grew apparent Dr. John was greatly missing his family. His whole family became very sick with Dengue Fever. He was beside himself with their separation. God also was working in his heart concerning he and his wife's decision. Messages from Ephesians also were tugging on his heart strings. He taped and sent these messages to his wife in Cuba. Economics were no longer the most important thing to Dr. John. "To me this (the money) is trash, my family is what really matters to me," he exclaimed one Sunday. Dr. John asked for prayer that day for the Lord to open the doors for his return to Cuba. This is a process of months of paperwork and pleading with government officials. The church prayed and to our amazement the following Sunday Dr. John received a call during church. His departure had been approved and his ticket was even paid for! His face was beaming with gratitude to the Lord and he publicly gave God the glory knowing it was truly of Him. Thursday we are taking Dr. John to the airport to be reunited with his family. We will miss him but are so content with the way God has worked in his life.

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