Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Novena to the Virgin of Quinche

In the world of traditional religion “Saints” are objects of devotion for many people. They are looked to for happiness in the home, for good health or well-being of a family member, to help in an economic situation, for success in an exam or to help one find the grace and peace of God. Prayers are recited to Saints because it is believed the saints intercede on behalf of the one reciting because they are in Jesus and he has all power. It is believed that they are friends and brothers who are with the one reciting protecting and pointing the person to good goals. 

The Novena is a time of private or public devotion to the Saints during a nine day period. We witnessed the devotion of many people of San Francisco de Borja to the Virgin of Quinche during November 15th – 23rd. Each evening town people gathered reciting, singing and marching together through the streets of Borja. Arriving at the church building, the nightly event ends with fireworks. It is believed this time of devotion if done with faith, humility, trust and perseverance will open God’s heart and therefore connect the person with God.  

Praise for:

 1. The 7 people of Borja and Baeza willing to give public testimony of their faith in Jesus for salvation.

 2. G giving testimony of receiving Jesus.

Prayer for:

 1. The baptism to be held the 29th of November in the Quijos River.

 2. The believers who are taking steps of obedience to be strengthened by God's word.

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