Tuesday, December 2, 2014

"You Can't Baptize that Man!"

Rio Quijos
More than 70 people gathered in the beautiful setting of the Quijos River to witness people proclaim their faith and promise to follow Christ. A time of prayer, testimonies, singing and preaching was had under the open air thatched roof building.

It was on the way to the river bank when an anxious woman approached Dan."You can't baptist that man! she insisted. Dan asked her why. "He killed my father!" she proclaimed. Dan was surprised at what she was saying but calmly stated, "The man has asked for forgiveness of the Lord and God has forgiven him." Just then the man joined them.

" You two need to talk." Dan stated.

"You killed my father!" said the woman again with much emotion. The man admitted that he remembered well the drunken brawl that took place some fifty years ago.

"Will you forgive me?" he asked of her.

"I forgive you." was her reply.

Dan felt relief as they continued on to the river. One by one nine people were baptized that day, four from Borja. We are filled with joy as we are witnesses of what God has done in the years we have lived in Borja and in the year we have helped in the evangelical church Baeza. We do implore you to be praying for these people as some are facing persecution from their families for taking this step of obedience.

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