Sunday, January 4, 2015

He Answered

"You hadn't even gotten back to your house and God answered your prayer." exclaimed the man. That man was my brother, Bradford. One goal upon returning to the United States of America has been to reconnect with immediate family. Eleven spiritually needy people are currently living in my brother's house. We stopped by on Christmas day to greet existing and meet new extended family members. We learned of some pressing needs of my niece, Katherine, and her little boy, Cardin. Dan prayed the Lord would provide the transportation to Boston they needed for Cardin's medical treatment. It was the following day when Brad said, "God answered your prayer." Within five minutes of that prayer Kathy received a phone call from a friend and they discovered they both needed to be in Boston on the same day and the friend offered to drive. That simple prayer had a big impact on my brother, Brad. It also encourages my heart as I have struggled with our recent return to the USA. God will use me here on the home front if I have eyes to see and a heart willing to reach out to others.

Praises for:
  • Safe travels home and visiting family in Dec.
  • New people are attending the Bible study in Borja with twenty attending last Friday.
  • Dan is working part-time on the family farm.

Prayer for:
  • The Bible study group in Borja.
  • My friend,G, continues to face persecution for being baptized. 
  • Scheduling visits with churches. 
  • Safety traveling 
  • Gladys' father passed away. She is a believer from Chaupimolino.

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  1. Awesome! God is in the the big AND little things, doing His wise and loving work in our hearts!