Wednesday, February 4, 2015

"Well, is it good to be home?"

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Truthfully, It doesn't feel like home. Transitioning to home culture has not been easy. I was not prepared for the tremendous sense of loss I have been feeling; Latin culture, the familiar, close friends, ministry and being valued by the people who we were working with. At present in many situations I am left feeling awkward.  Few people understand, few people want to hear about it, and only recently am I understanding what is happening. Transition has not only been a period of turbulent emotions and spiritual struggles, but a time of disorientation and relocation issues. It is a process of arriving to a new normal that is going to take time and spiritual strength.

We definitely have seen God's provision during this time and are grateful. Remembering God's character and His promises are imperative. How can you help? Listen to our stories, point us to God, be patient and walk with us through this journey and encourage us along the way. It is a great comfort and encouragement to know that you interceding on our behalf. Church family, mission staff, family and friends all have important roles to play in the journey to integration and wholeness.

Praise God for:
1. His provision of housing and transportation.
2. Churches inviting us to come share this month.
3. The privilege to encourage our families and local church family.

Pray for:
1. Us to be good communicators of what God is doing in Ecuador as we travel to churches this month.
2. Safety traveling, February is typically a month with lots of snow.
3. Milton and Wilmer as they lead ministries in Borja and Baeza.