Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Merry Christmas 2015

Baeza nestled in the Andes Mountains 


One year has passed since our departure from Ecuador, but on December 7th Dan and I boarded a plane once again bound for Quito, Ecuador. A team from Grace Baptist Church in Pleasant View, TN invited us to join them on a ministry team to the very area we had left. The next 8 days we were greatly blessed, reunited with many who had in some way impacted our lives. We also made new friends like Javier and Silvia who expressed interest in knowing Christ after attending a conference on managing your money following biblical principles. It thrilled our hearts when a Bible study leader in Borja asked for materials for the study she is giving two days a week.

The Baeza church organized a prayer campaign for the town. Only a month prior the advocates of traditional religion had marched through the town declaring the area as theirs. Each night was spent walking and praying for various neighborhoods and early Saturday we joined the group climbing to an area overlooking the town. Our hearts united in Christ we raised our voices in prayer and song and asked the Lord to continue the work He began in the Quijos Valley.

Praise the Lord new faces were in church on Sunday. Fellowship was sweet as we shared the entire day with our brothers and sisters in Christ in worship, praise, God's Word, communion, fun and lots of food, too. We are so privileged to see first hand what God is doing in and through people in this special place which has remained in our hearts and prayers.